Galvex Ltd.

The Galvex Technology allows the true to size anodisation of Titanium, Tantalum and Niobium. It is based on a Swiss Research and Development. Often used in the medical industry. But also for Space and Aerospace application. Galvex provides commission processing as well as technology transfer.
As an additional pre-processing the frictional grinding is combined for an even more successfull presult.

Galvex Produktion GunningenWith psm's move 2019 to Gunningen near Tuttlingen Galvex holds a location within the European Community. At this location a new Galvanic Processing Operation is in place for anodiszing Titanium, Tantalum and Niobium including the frictional grinding processing.

Mr. Andreas Fluekiger - Galvex Switzerland
Andreas Flükiger - Mitinhaber und Geschäftsführer der Galvex GmbHShare Holder and CEO of GalvEX Ltd. Mechanical Engeneer in Business Administration, for 26 Years in international Titanium Business involved.
Mr. Edwin Schmid - Galvex Germany
Edwin Schmid - Mitinhaber und Geschäftsführer der Galvex GmbHShare Holder of GalvEX Ltd. For many Years developing and marketing surgical implants worldwide.
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Galvex Ltd
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